ISCO & CO is a leading supplier for raw materials, machinery and spare parts. Our field of activity is mainly in the following sectors of the industry:

  • Cigarette Industry & Leaf tobacco
  • Printing & Packaging & Converting Industry
  • Food Industry

Our product range in the RAW-MATERIALS is mainly consisting out of the following items:

  • Packaging materials (Paper, Paperboard, Carton board).
  • All non tobacco cigarette materials like Cigarette Paper, Tipping paper, Filters, BOPP-Film, Aluminum Foil etc.
  • Leaf tobacco & cut rag.

Our product range in the MACHINERY / EQUIPMENT sector is divided in two sectors:
1st sector is including the food industry:

  • Industrial Heating ventilation Air conditioning Systems [HVAC], with demanding Hygiene Standards
  • Cooling tunnels, Incubation Rooms and Cells
  • On line measurement equipment

2nd sector is the tobacco industry:

  • Cigarette Making and Packaging Machines (second hand or Rebuilt)
  • Leaf Processing Equipment (second hand or Rebuilt)
  • Spare parts for a.m. machines
  • On line measurement equipment